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by student_smktm_1 12. August 2016 16:22

31st July 2016- Guess what? We organized a clean up program at the site called "Eco Clean Up" with the help from Kaki Daki, Yayasan Patriot and UKM students and also the volunteers from our school!And it was a huge SUCCESS !

In the morning before starting our program, we had our breakfast there and marked the attendance. After filling our tummy up with yummy food, we divided the people into groups. Each group had to make their own cheer. Here is a picture of one of the group brainstorming for ideas.


After a while, we finally start to clean! Each group was assigned to different spots to clean. They were all very sporting and showed an awesome teamwork. Take a look at the pictures taken there:




Pheww! It was indeed a tiring day yet we all are satisfied with our work. We would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers for participating in this program.