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A Visit To The Kindergartens

by student_smktm_1 28. July 2016 07:37

 18th July 2016- This was a date to be remembered as it was the day we went to 2 kindergartens in Taman Melawati, Brainy Bunch and Tadika Joy House. We did a colouring contest there and even taught them the concept of recycling. The kids there enjoyed our visit and all we could see were happy faces!



Upon arriving, we were greeted by the teachers there. The children themselves had already lined up nicely. We took this chance to explain to them the concepts of recycling and even did a small questionaire.



The children themselves had fun with our activities, the children participating in the colouring contest were exceptionally active and to our surprise, they even colored it nicely.




In the end, we all had fun at Brainy Bunch and Joy House. We'll be updating you guys soon with more of our activities, until then.