1. Introduction

This is a visit to Taman Sri Medan for the first time by Selangor’s team which is Eco Panglima Team. Our leader has given a speech and encouragement to 20 members of the team to make a visit around the site -Taman Sri Medan.


  • This visit aims to lessen the expenditure of electric bills amongst the community around Telok Panglima Garang which is at Taman Sri Medan.
  • Besides it can also mould the awareness of responsibility upon the nature to the community. After that it can also preserve the nature for a good example to our future generations.
  • This programme opens our eyes and makes us realize about the bad consequences that will happen if the usage of electricity is out of control from the beginning. The bad consequences that will happen may be severe problems and harmful to the earth at the same time.


  1. Solutions
  • The effect of using excessive electricity can cause the reduction to the human which could retard the human growing process. It changes the genetic formation. Besides, it gives bad result that could thinning the ozone layers and because of that greenhouse also will get damaged. Because of that, our team – Eco Panglima with the help from every party would solve this problem.
  • In order to reduce the usage of electricity, there is a component that has been invented for make it easier for us in the process of saving electricity. The device name is Electric Saver Device (ESD). It can save the electric bills up to 15% to 35%.