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Meeting with the Stakeholder at MBJB 

The sun was shining brilliantly and the sky was a brilliant blue , we knew it was a great day to meet with one of our stakeholders which was the Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB ) . The MBJB was located at the heart of the city . After some briefing by Mr Izra about the agenda or objective we met the stakeholder , we started our journey

Along the journey , we could see a lot of green MBJB lorries at this one place … Hmmmm , we wonder what was that place … Out of the blue , Akmal , one of our members said  “ Cikgu ! bukan itu ke tempat stakeholder yang kita cari cari ?!

Then , Mr Izra who was driving that time quickly made a u-turn before we left the place behind … Aha ! We knew it was the MBJB , we were just acting like we didn't know anything hahaha .

Once we arrived there , we went straight to meet the person in charge and had some discussion with her … We thanked to Almighty God because finally we got to meet her during this crucial times . We afraid we can't follow the timelines given to us .

From the meeting , we could know who was the owner of the land which our potential site and we could also know who must we meet to negotiate about the land . A lot of informations we got from her and credit to this kind-hearted person . Last but not least , we were really grateful because we knew what  was our next move .


But , were the things that we already discussed too important ? or was it just an ordinary meeting and what is our so-called next move ? so my dear readers and earthlings , your questions will be answered soon enough , Stay Tuned !