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Verification visit

by student1 24 Apr 2018

Mr Khairuzain and Mr Heidi as Toyota representatives came to evaluate our site on the First Verification Visit on April 24, 2018.



We welcomed Mr. Khairuzain and Mr Heidi to our school. They arrived at 9.00 am. We were so happy to meet them again especially Mr Heidi (we called him Abang Eddy). Both of them were our fasilitator during the previous Toyota Workshop.

Our phamplet for First Verification Visit. We distributed to all the  audience in the Score A room during theFirst Verification Visit.




Slot I : Slide Presentation By Baling Eco-Saver Team (BEST) 2018

i) Introduction State/School/Team

ii) Step 1 : Identify and Select Problem
iii) Q & A Session

Pembentang Pelajar

En Heidi gave us  positive comments..


Slot 2 : Site visit

They are taken to visit the chosen site


Site 1 : Jerai Night Market 



SITE 2 : Kupang River near SM(A) Yayasan Khariah


Site 3 : Pasar Tani at Pekan Baling 


Slot 3

i) Blog Explanation

ii) Rules & Marking System Explanation


Slot 4 : TEY project timeline explaination, implementation tips and closure