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Greetings earthlings!

Today we want to do a little #throwback on the day we coloured the whole school green.


Taaadaaa! We did it through our “Earth Day” awareness program.

The aim of this program was sort of to give a little “nudge” on everyone’s conscience; students’ and teachers’ alike, on how important it is to love our earth.

We made posters, interviewed students and teachers, compiled all the pictures into one collage and compiled all the wishes into one video. This has kind of prepared us for the interviewing session with the Orang Asli of Kg Bukit Dugang.

Positivity filled the air as everyone gave their wishes and shared their eco-friendly tips with us. It’s really surprising to know that even our History teacher has a strong opinion about the environment.

So.. some of you might say

“Whatever..what’s the big deal.. I know I shouldn’t simply-simply throw rubbish since Darjah 1 lah. Do we really need Earth Day?!”

Yes, many of us know that we should conserve the environment but how many of us really walk the talk? Well, from this programme, we can proudly say that some of those who practise what they preach are here among our school community. Through our Instagram's (Please do follow us) , Facebooks' and Youtube's sharing, we would want the whole world to get inspired too. (FEEL FREE TO SHARE OUR POSTS K PEOPLE)

Let’s hope that we don’t just wait for another Earth Day to show our love towards the earth and let’s not even pollute the earth more on this lovely day.

It is our only home for now. As much as we love watching movies like, Wall E, Interstellar, The Passengers and even Star Wars, no, we don’t want to end up like them. Having to leave Earth and find another planet to live in is not want we want for our future generation.

Before we leave, “Every day should be Earth Day!” Don’t let the Earth feel jealous of the Sun k. HAHAH.. Toodles for now.