Today’s youth is
tomorrow’s future.

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Assalamualaikum and hi to all nature lovers reading this!

The title of this post is actually taken from a famous proverb that I've heard loooong before this project started. I didn't remember the exact words in proverb. But what I remembered was the message in it..don't we all believe that the moment we are grown up, we are the ones who going to own the world? No.. we are just merely looking after it for the future generation. Because no one in this world who is going to live forever. Eventually, we are going to hand the earth to our children. And how would you hand something precious to your children? Yes.. you hand it in the best form it could be.

OK, here is the real proverb..I remembered it a tad bit differently..haha..sorry for the poor memory..but the gist is there right?


Therefore, the best we can do now is to take care of the earth and also to educate the young ones to get ready for their turn to look after the earth. This time, we are going share with you guys our very own awesome experience in doing so…

Our first trip to Tabika Kemas Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Dugang!

To tell you guys the truth, the first moment we saw those kids, our heart melted because they were too cute.

They are all cute little beans that are very clever because they actually know about the earth. Aren’t they simply amazing?

During our first visit at the tabika, we did quite a lot of fun and exciting activities that make even us (the big kids) felt like joining. But the fact that we were there on a mission kept us focused.

Before we tell you guys more about what we did, I’d like to add that this visit compliments’ SMKC’s involvement in the Toyota Eco Youth Challenge. In this exercise, the objective was to introduce the children to:

  1. the importance of taking care of the environment and earth

  2. the concept of recycling

  3. routines to keep our earth healthy

  4. daily do’s and dont’s

Moving forward, let me share with all readers on what we did there.

First, we separated them into groups and showed them a short cartoon clip on projector about nature. We explained to them on what is the positive and negative cause and effect of some actions towards the earth.

Second, we taught them on how to make crafts using recyclable items. We decided to use tins and paint it. The normal looking tins instantly turned into an amazing looking container. We hope that this will give them an idea that items that they think it should be just thrown away, can be turned into a fun and useful object.

Third, we organized a simple quiz based on the clip shown to see how far they understood about nature. Gifts are also provided for them so they can be active in responding to the questions given.

The days ended with the children arranging their painted tins in their class. The children decided that the tins will be used to put in pen and pencils.