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tomorrow’s future.

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Hi. We are Ecoral Team from SMK Pangkor. This year we are very lucky indeed to be selected as representative for our state. Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) started in 2001, a joint effort by UMW Toyota Motor and the Ministry of Education, aimed to cultivate the importance of preserving the environment amongst the younger generation - so that they will consistently act responsibly towards the environment to ensure a sustainable future. The themes for TEY focuses on solid waste management, clean water, global warming and recycling - which are all topics close to the heart of Toyota's global and local environment issues.

here our journey begin

On 3rd April we attend our first ECO Youth programme at Subang Jaya. 1st our registration held at the Hotel Holiday Villa around 2pm. We was really excited about doing this programme.










At 3.45pm we had Environmental Talk by PEKA Malaysia. They talked about the illegal logging that has benn done in Malaysia and how they manage to stop that thing.










picture with PEKA Malaysia

In night , around 8.45pm we did some group activities such as ice breaking session, team formation and others. We got to know about each others. And also met a new friend such as syah,dawarith,akmal,sally,syazwina,jaja and lots more untiIl we forgot ( sorry).

The second day, we learn the eight step how to do the TOYOTA ECO YOUTH project and we’ll tell about the eight step:

1st step:identify and select problem

2nd step: understand current situation

3rd step:target a setting

4th step: analyze the root causes

5th step:make a draft countermeasures

6th step:implementing countermeasures

7th step:checking the result

8th step: standardize and establish control summary and closing









if you want to see more about our activity to do all this step you can see it at our instagram which is @smkpangkor.tey .


In the morning on the last day we had a website briefing with Mr. Ahmad Afiq Bin Zakri and he teaching us how to do the this blog and we also had a Q&A session with him.






After one hour, we had the launching of the TOYOTA ECO YOUTH 2018 with the ministry of education and VVIP of the UMW Toyota MOTOR and it was the last thing we do before we go back to our home at Pangkor island, perak