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The School Campaign Outreached Programme

This morning was our School Campaign Outreached Programme at our school, SMK Pangkor. We were trying to get everyone to understand the importance of recycling and saving the environment. Some of the students do not understand that we need to protect our nature. They do not see why and how to recycle. We asked questions before the talk and more than half do not know what to do with their recycle items and some do not know things that can be recycled.

However, after our campaign, they learned about things that they can recycle and how to go about doing it. Now they know that they have GoGreen Online, a shop where they can send their recyclable items and get points. They can exchange the points with items like sugar, shampoo and other things at selected convenient stores.

This is the sample picture when we do the programme. If all you want to see more picture you can see it ou instagram which is @smkpangkor.tey