Today’s youth is
tomorrow’s future.

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Hello, Hi, Hey to all those reading!! We want to welcome all those nature lovers and determined to make the world a better place individuals to our eco-friendly blog here that would make you couldn’t agree more about what we have to say. Let’s get started!


Well…..where do we begin?! Oh yes, it all started when we attended the Toyota Eco Youth workshop and launching ceremony from 3th of April until 5th of April 2018. It was a golden opportunity for our school, SMK Paya Rumput to be selected to participate and represent Melaka for the Toyota Eco Youth Program this year. We were extremely excited for the program and we would like to thank Toyota for giving us the chance. Our school is only 5 years of age. However, with a young age, we were able to achieve tons of excellent results in curricular and co-curricular activities. Therefore, Toyota Eco Youth Program, here we come!!

^ Group photo of the team members and teachers on the last day of the workshop


So does the journey begins for all of us.........