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After discussions with the team members and advisors, we finally agreed on the team name, Jebat Eco Team. We chose this name as the location of our site is at Stadium Hang Jebat. I bet many of you know where it is. Many football matches, carnival, wedding ceremonies, were held there. It is therefore our priority to ensure the cleanliness of the environment.


Below are some pictures that include the major heads and our guidance teacher.




Next, let me introduce to you the remaining line-up for the team. 




As for the site determination, we had chose one place that is very strategic to us. Before we began to choose, we have use the “kit” called Evaluation Matrix. It was a QC tool. People will wonder how we knew such thing, and the answer is we learned it from TEY program. Evaluation matrix helped us to easily get updated to data. We can also evaluate problems from there. In our table below, you will noticed that there is three selection from our team discussion and our final decision.