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[24/7/2018]: As our plan, we wanted to make the environment more beautiful. We also wanted to make the atmosphere at our site more cheerful, so that it will attract more people to stop by. If you followed our Instagram account (tey.smkpr), you will noticed that our team members were collecting the used tyres from the nearby tyre mechanics. we targerted at least a quota of 100 pieces of tyres. We came up an idea to beautify the site with lots of decoration, such as painted road, DIY benches, DIY desks and many more. The objective of ours was to bring up the place to achieve greener and better environment and also to help the citizens had a better place forrecreation. We hope that our project will bring a huge good impact to the residents at there.

Below would be our progress and effort on collecting tyres:

                                                                                   LET'S GET STARTED !!





After we collected the tyres, we proceeded to the next steps. We had painted the tyres that we collected. We painted those tyres with blue, red and yellow colour. We also called students from the other classes to assist us on the painting. 






Those tyres that we collected and painted would be filled with trees and flowers. Flowers and trees that we planted at the tyres were Bougainvillea, Pokok Ati, Bunga Alamanda, Pokok Kesinai Merah and Ixora. The total amount of flowers and trees were 300++. Have you been wandering where we gathered so many flowers and trees? We got it from MBMB, donation from PIBG, students and teachers.







Everyone must be questioning about how we beautify the area? The answer is we got help from our school students. These students or we can say it as co-workers were giving full commitment. They came to the site almost everyday since we started the beautifying jobs. Thanks for their hardwork, we managed to finish the jobs before the on-site judging.