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On 16 April , our team have visited Indah Water at Bandar Perda 

We went there for get input from stakeholders regarding water pollution around Seberang Perai Tengah and visits to plant sites

 They have taken us to the part of the removed oil process

 This is SLUDGE . Sludge resulting from bracterial decay and sewage in the plant

 Solid Sludge in the drying process before being taken to landfill in Pulau Burong 

 The official Indah Water gave a briefing on the processes in the plant and the physical condition of the domestic plant

 Our team Salsabila was looking the process


It is a plant . It is among the pools mixed with Ecoli bacteria and some other bacteria to feed the domestic sewage and the dark color is a mixture of bacteria and sludge 

 The treated water level and sludge (the result of heavy sewage decay down and down between sludge  and water )


Saturated fats resulting from oil discharged to the river 



Interview with stakeholders regarding water pollution around the city