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Pengenalan day

by student2 18 Apr 2018




On Tuesday, 3 April 2018,

Our team, Putra Eco Squad consists of six students and two teachers gathered at the school lobby. Before we departed, we took some pictures with our principal, Pn Meriam Bt. Abdul Karim and one of the senior assistants of SMK Putrajaya Presint 5(1) Pn. Salleha Bt Salleh . They gave us words of encouragement to do well because we are reprensenting Putrajaya and we felt so lucky to have a principal who cares so much about us.We went there by van that have been sponsored by our PTA.

We arrived at 11 a.m. While waiting for the registration, we strolled around the hotel's area and we found that this hotel is amazing and we can't believe that we are going to stay here for 3 days and 2 nights. We also had the chance to make friends with other states participants. We were given a t-shirt, nametag, and pamplet from the Toyota team. Around 2 pm , we entered the Victorian Ballroom to start the briefing by PEKA MALAYSIA about our eco system that has been destroyed by human being. At 5 pm, we were given key rooms and it is the time to prepare for the night event. 

On the night event, we're having an icebreaking session with another school participants and we were asked to form a group consists of 11 students from different schools. There are variety of group names that are really catchy such as Cendol, Ais Kepal, Victorian, Bawang, Dauntless and Mans Not Hot. After this activity, we get to know each other better hence, we also able to improve our leadership and communication skills.



Wednesday, 4 April 2018

We were given the introduction to the Problem Solving Methodology and Techniques by Miss Katie on the first half and continued by Abang Heidi. There are 8 steps that we have to follow to make this project successful. The first step is Identify and Select Problem;select the most critical environmental problem that happen at community. This step is we have to implement it because Toyota Eco Youth will come to every school to do on-site judging. Step 2 until Step 8 we will given a time until July to prepare. 

Within the steps, we also learn to use QC techniques and QC tools such as checksheet, line graph, bar graph, pie chart and pareto chart. We also had to conduct a presentation using these QC techniques and tools. Next, we also have to team up with 3 members to do some games which two of the members have to listen to the clue about a picture that was given by the other. This activity taught us that teamwork and communication skills are very important in this project. All the activities end and we got some spare time on the night.


DAY 3 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

On the last day of our workshop, there were many media and people who are responsible in this program came to enliven the launching ceremony. Before that,we were given a simple but compact briefing about the blog;how to login,design,add post and many more by Abang Afiq that are very fun and humble. Next, the highly anticipated launching ceremony begins. The ceremony starts with the welcoming speech by the MC,Miss Suhaila  and then we sang the Negaraku song.

After that, a representative from the Toyota Eco Youth members gave an opening speech during the ceremony.And lastly, Rosden Rahmat, General Manager of Human Capital Division of UMWT, Yuji Tomobuchi, Financial Controller of UMWT, Tuan Zainuren B. Hj. Mohd Nor, Director of Technical & Vocational Education Division, and Mohd Affendi Kairon, General Manager, took picture with all team leaders of the participating schools.