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Teach our kids about The Recycle Waste from the beginning

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you guys about our activities to the kids to teach them about the recycle waste. So that they are more knowledgeable and can practice these recycling practises as a daily life.

          We decided to make the colouring competition between 30 children on 8th July 2018, Wednesday. Next, we choose the first, second and third winners by using the few charasteristics. First, participants needs to colouring the recycle bin with the right colour. Second, the participant must colouring the picture neatly and beautifully. With this colouring competition, we can see many of design and the colour chosen to be seen more creative.

          So, no wonder if the kids like to make a new things based on social network likes YouTube, Facebook and others or have been teached by their teachers at  school. But the problem is, the kids like to create the things by using the new material. So, the parents should teach their child how to use the recyclable wastes as material so that no wastes money and can keep the money for the other things.

         Next point, the kids really like money to buy the things that they want. But now, it is really easy for them to get the money because of their parents have a lot of money. How if we teach the kids to collecting the recycle waste? With that, the recyclable waste that have been collected by them can be sold to the relevant party.