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Use of the recycle cage is to easier the communities to segregate the recyclable items more easily. At our project place, 5R1 Apartment, the recycle cage provided by Alam Flora is placed at the bottom of the block. When, we questioned the residents of the apartment there, we ask why they are hard to collect all recycled materials and bring them down? They answered because they had to isolate the recycling when they were at the bottom of block where is the cage was placed and the difficulty of bringing many recyclables.

So, with that kind of answers, we discussed to produce a special recycle cage, created by Putra Eco-Squad team to the selected house. After a few days, that resident says that they are very happy to be able to segregate recyclable materials and not troublesome themselves.

Other than that, they also tell that they can also teach their children how to properly segregate the recyclabe materials and train their children to familiarize themselves with recycling practices at home and elsewhere. Lastly, our principal thinks that our idea is very interesting and attractive because of the decoration. So, she wants a same recycle cage for canteen. 

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