Today’s youth is
tomorrow’s future.

Check out what the participating schools are doing:

Everything begins here! Six students from SMK Rantau Panjang is selected to join the Toyota EcoYouth 2018 programme, representing the state of Kelantan. We are very thankful for this wonderful chance. We believe that by joining the programme, not only we will gain more knowledge about the environment but we'd also appreciate the mother earth more. We would take the knowledge that we gain from this experience and spread it to our fellow friends, teachers, families, and the community around us. We believe that if we could contribute even a little to help preserve and protect our Earth, we would be thankful. The key point is quality over quantity. 


During the launching ceremony and workshop, we had a very pleasant and rewarding experience. It was 3D2N workshop held at Subang Holiday Villa and we were taught on how to solve problems, how to work in a team, and many more. We met so many intelligent and good friends from all over Malaysia. Our facilitators were very helpful. They were willing to help us in order to make us understand more about the programme and it's importance. They were also very passionate about their work. When we see their passion, it made us more motivated! 

We were looking forward and excited to be able to be a part of this programme. Stay tune for our next post! :)