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Assalamualaikum and hello to our blog readers! How's everyone doing? This is a quick blog post from our members to wish everyone a belated Happy Eid-al Fitr 2018/1439 H. We recently celebrated our Eid on 15 June 2018 nationally but our school celebrated Eid on 8 July 2018. It was a very fun day. We had performances, talks, and lots of foods! It was amazing and everyone got a chance to wear beautiful clothes and accessories for one day.

However, we didn't forget to remind everyone that the waste from that day like foods, cups, plates, and straws should be managed carefully. We also tried to encourage everyone to bring their own plates and glasses in order not to increase waste. We did bought some paper and polysterene cups but students were not encouraged to use it. Anyway, do you know that using either paper or polysterene cups has it's own pros and cons such as:

Paper cups pros:

  • produce about 28 percent fewer greenhouse gasses
  • decompose in a landfill in 20 years, as opposed to 1 million-plus
  • decompose in water in just a few days, instead of 50 years
  • are far easier to recycle and recycled at a higher rate
  • aren’t toxic (see below)

Polystyrene cups pros:

  • requires about 42 percent less water
  • needs about 17 percent less energy
  • uses 22 percent less petroleum to source materials and ship cups
  • doesn’t call for chemicals that can harm water if not disposed of properly, such as chlorine dioxide
  • doesn’t necessitate the cutting of trees

They both have both pros and cons, so we should use them in moderation. That's all for today's blog post. See you guys soon! Happy Eid! :)