Today’s youth is
tomorrow’s future.

Check out what the participating schools are doing:

Our school have been selected to represent the Negeri Sembilan in this 2018 Toyota Eco Youth Challenge......feel an honour to represent the state. So our teacher have selected us to represent the school to face the TEY challenge. 

We asking our teacher, En.Mohd Ramdhan Abd Rahman and Pn.Salasiah Masran, " What is Toyota Eco Challenge...?". They answered " It was a program, organise by Toyota Company, which is focus on Environmental Issues".........and we ask more" What we are suppose to do?"......Our teacher said that" There will be a workshop on how to conduct and manage Toyota Eco Youth. You will be introduced a problem solving technique."

" All of you will undergone 3D2N program staring 3rd April to 5th April at Subang Holiday Villa. Learn as much as you can. Ask the TEY fesi if there any doubt."......."ok teacher"........

Then our journey begin......