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Site Judging .

by student2 15 Sep 2018

Welcome Ms Klerene and Ms Meena !!!

Tuesday , 7th August 

1) Some presentation going on

The presence of Miss Klerene and Miss Meena were welcomed by a kompang performance from students.

After they took some time to release their tiredness , they both were ready to hear our presentation.

Uniquely, we implement the steps as taught by Toyota before. Also, each of us was given the opportunity by the team to speak.

Thanks to Miss Mei Jin for the help of tutoring, language ideas and skills. Also, Teacher Izra stressed on the importance of selling the information that we need to prioritize and focus on

We also appreciate Teacher Hasrul for his teachings on public speaking and Ustazah Fazura who always support us from Day 1 .

Indeed, TEY2018 had given us many advantages. Thank you Toyota !!

2) Visit and judge the site 

After the presentation, the weather was quite dark and slightly drizzle.

" We should go on with it , just a little rain " Miss Klerene and Miss Meena said .

But , the rain was not an obstacle for us so we just go on with it .Unfortunately , as we arrived ,the rain was getting heavy. Luckily , there were umbrellas and the site judging was still on the go .

"Really satisfied , it's beautiful " Miss Meena said .

"This must be Teacher Izra's contacts on getting all the flowers" added Miss Klerene.

"Feel grateful to hear Miss Klerene and Miss Meena's comments," Teacher Izra replied when asked for a second visit to this site.

3) Appreciation 

Back to school again, the team was given a little briefing about the upcoming Convention.

Also a question and answer session was held . Many questions were raised. Each one of us  put our whole effort on gaining enlightenment about the presentations and all that despite the fact that we were really exhausted .

We were deeply touched by our principal, Mr Mohan A / L M.S Damodaran, who supposed to be on an emergency leave but still went to school to welcome Miss Klerence and Miss Meena.

At the end of the program, Mr. Mohan delivered a memorable souvenir to Miss Klerene and Miss Meena.

Also ,followed by the posters that won the Pasir Gudang District-level Environmental Drawing Competition which was held on 14th July.

Hopefully, all the things that we've done and been through , we managed to get the attention of the organizers and agencies involved , so that they cooperate with us and we could achieve our mission on bringing a positive impact to the community and especially to the environment itself !!!

If God wills it , anything can happen such as ... our team gets the title for TEY2018 . who knows . 

So , my fellow readers , come and join us on making the world a better place for the Future !!