Today’s youth is
tomorrow’s future.

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This idea have given by our principal of school, because she wants to shows to all the students and the visitors who come to our school that we can produce a basket for decoration by using boxes and some folding methods only. It is also produced to decorate our canteen without using expensive cost. 

In addition, we can add new skills and knowledge to the new generation. The function of the basket in the canteen is to fill a variety of fruits. Futhermore, it can also be used for other purposes such as a basket to fill stationery or personal items. The making of this basket also does not take too much time, as it is easy to do. 

Various decorations can also be added to make the basket more attractive. Using decorative items such as beads, paints, markers of various colors. Can also paste any pictures like family pictures, friends or idols. 

Lastly, any qoutes that can inspire our spirit can also be used as an ornament, it can be used while studying, or when there is a problem in your life.